Short Film Challenge Producer Signup

So you wanna be a Producer on a Short Film Challenge short film production? Fantastic!!

We need good Producers to see short film productions through from choosing a solid screenplay to celebrating with a screening party.

Producers may have no or little producing experience, but they should have a range of experience in other areas of filmmaking. If you are interested in producing a project but have no filmmaking experience, we suggest working crew on a few productions first.

Being a Producer can be pretty time-consuming. Please make sure you have enough time available to give the project the proper attention.

Being a Producer is a huge job. While it’s fun to be the boss, it’s a big responsibility. A whole team of people are counting on you. We will provide guidance for you along the way. Austin Film Meet hosts many educational events for filmmakers. Also, each team will have a Consulting Producer available as a resource. Directors, Producer and some key crew will meet with a Consulting Producer at several Check Points through out the project. This is to help make sure the project is on track.

All Short Film Challenge production team positions are unpaid, including Producers.

If you think you’re up for the challenge, please submit your information below.

Once accepted, you can pair with a producer and find a screenplay together.

We look forward to seeing you on your journey!


Producer Submission

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