Why is The Hive so important for the community?

Over the past 7 years Austin Film Meet has fostered an incredibly vibrant, ardently supportive and fast-growing community of filmmakers, content creators and those working in the industry.

Most of the supporters are creative entrepreneurs without any kind of permanent space to facilitate collaborations and independent work, learning, connecting, or growing. The time has come to lay a foundation for a house where Austin Film Meet’s growing community of filmmakers and creative media artists can thrive. The Hive is critical to Austin’s continued growth and success as a creative powerhouse for the world and the third coast.

A healthy and prosperous city is one in which small businesses and the arts thrive. A stable creative economy makes a city rich with culture, not to mention fresh influence and new perspective!

The Hive will provide much more than just shared co-working space, studios and facilities for filmmakers and video content producers. The Hive will be a game-changer in helping to ensure the success of Austin’s professional, independent film and video community.