We like to include all volunteers on the Austin Film Meet team on our staff page.

Please submit a your photos, bio and links according to these specifications:


      – If possible, we’d like to include 2 photos of you:


      1 – one that is a head shot, an accurate picture of what you look like


      2 – another that is you in action, doing what you do


      Size – at least 300 x 300 pixels, 72dpi (most any file should do)

Bio – approximately 200-400 words basically describing

Links – a link to your website or websites and any social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, etc) that you’d like to include under your bio

How to Post Them

Please post your pictures, bio and links in the comment section below and I will repost them on the staff page.

If you have questions, please post them in the comment section below. Thanks!