What’s Happening in 2024?

Austin Film Meet will explode with opportunity in 2024. Here’s an overview of our current plans and ideas…

Texas Film Friday, a monthly film festival showcasing Texas film and video talent with annual awards,

Open-Mic Mixers, but only 4 this year, so don’t miss them,

monthly Screenplay Table Read & Review sessions featuring Short Film Challenge screenplay submissions,

small Writing Groups for writing rooms, writing alone together and sharing critiques,

the Short Film Challenge, a collective of filmmakers of all skills and levels working together to produce narrative short films with available talent, crew and resources, with weekly meetings,

educational Workshops and regular Tuesday meetings,

fun, themed Potluck Parties, but only 4 this year,

a festive Holiday Cookie Party in December,

and an annual Speed Pitching event.

So, we’re opening Membership to help us give you the best experience possible.

We hope you’ll join us…