Video/Film Industry Open-Mic Mixer

Join us for Austin Film Meet’s monthly mixer for all those involved with the Central Texas film & video industry. All are welcome.

Filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, producers, camera crew, art department, marketers, promoters, investors, supporters, film enthusiasts & more.

A great opportunity to introduce yourself, your project, tell us about your skills & how you or we can help. Please keep it under 60 seconds. A minute goes faster than you think! Can’t wait to meet you! Stay after for 1-on-1 networking. Don’t forget business cards!

Open-Mic FAQ

cat-openmicIntroduce Yourself at Open-Mic

Feeling shy about networking? The Austin Film Meet Open-Mic can help. Introduce yourself & let others come to you.

  • introduce yourself to the group
  • tell us about your skills & interests
  • share your recent film accomplishment
  • practice your elevator pitch for your new project
  • tell us about open positions & how we can help

Guidelines for Open-Mic

  • Please limit your announcements to 60 seconds. We apologize if we cut you off.
  • Please avoid cursing and keep your announcements PG. We welcome film folks of all ages. 
  • Consider what points you want to make in advance. 60 seconds goes quickly when filled with uhs and umms.
  • For many filmmakers, speaking on the mic in front of a group can be very intimidating. Please keep an open mind, so that our members and guests will feel comfortable and relaxed enough to speak.
  • Thank you in advance for not talking while someone is on the mic. If you need to talk to someone, please step away from the listening audience, so they can hear.

Upcoming Film Mixers

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